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Title: The Apple of Master Draco's Eye
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: extreme fluff
Word Count: ~220
Summary: Draco has a secret.
A/N: Written for the lovely [personal profile] mae_linda. I failed spectacularly on the humour part but the fluff is still making my teeth hurt. Hope you like it! Fluff-rating would be much appreciated.

Harry sniffed curiously as he stepped out of the floo. The homely smell of apple pie wafted into his nostrils.

Kreacher, you legend.

Work had been tough and Harry really fancied a cup of tea and a nice cuddle with Draco. The apple pie would top it off nicely. He made toward the stairs, but paused when he heard voices in the kitchen.

“I still don’t understand why it’s called a rolling pin. It’s nothing like a pin.”

“Kreacher doesn’t know, Master Draco. But Kreacher thinks that Master Harry will be home soon, and Master Draco must go and change his clothes.”

“You’re right, Kreacher. We wouldn’t want him to see me in this now, would we. Master Harry might make the mistake of thinking I’m his little housewife, and expect me to make him apple pie every day.”

Harry’s mouth dropped open, and he worked hard to hold in a laugh as he peeked around the doorway. Draco was standing next to the kitchen bench, rolling pin still in hand, dressed in a tiny frilly pink apron that had probably belonged to an old house elf.

Although Harry was out of Draco’s line of vision, Kreacher spotted him and his eyes widened slightly. He turned to Draco.

"Master Draco? Maybe it is time to tell Master Harry that he is the apple of Master Draco’s eye.”

~ ~ ~


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