Pimp Ahoy!

May. 1st, 2009 02:09 am
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[profile] hp_adoptme is a new community designed for people who wish to give up their communities that they've lost interest in, or just don't have time to maintain anymore.

People who do have an interest and the time to maintain can take over the community and build it back up to what it was. So the fests will be held again and the communities will be active again.

Know a dead community? Contact the owner and send them along to [profile] hp_adoptme!

So go over there and have a look  : )
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Erm, this post is just what the title says.


If you have any interest in Neville at all (or even if you don't - you can learn to love him!) go and sign up for 30 Days of Neville over at [info]xnevillelovingx. It's all genres, all Neville-related pairings and fairly low pressure, and Neville is just awesome!

Hee! Just think of all the lovely rarepair possibilities... Neville/Charlie, Neville/Draco, Neville/Remus, Neville/Next Gen boys!

Sign-ups close on Thursday so get to it, ladies!

Oh yeah, and it can be fic, art or icons!!



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Oh I am sooo excited about this!

Love Next!Gen?

Love Drabbles?

Then this is the comm for you!

[livejournal.com profile] next_gen_ldws

Come check out the rules, join the comm, and get ready for the sign-ups!

Hugo Love!

Mar. 29th, 2009 11:04 am
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New community for all the Hugo lovers out there!

Come join [info]hugo_love!!! The new community for everyone who loves Hugo! Art, Fiction, and Discussion are all welcome! Gen? Het? Slash? Bring it on!

Come by and post your Hugo stories and art.

We are going to start the community off with a prompts fest and will have weekly Hugo prompts so go by and leave us some prompts!

Please pimp this on your own journals and communities or if you mod a community, let me know if it's all right to pimp there!

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